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A special edition that has the best prizes of the year $ 36,000 and many more. The prize of the Open winner is one of the highest in the history of this sport $ 12,000.
We will also have a new format full of surprises of which we will inform you, all designed to motivate the athletes and increase the show.

Total Prize: $ 36,000 and $ 12,000 for the winner and King of the Frontón 2018

Modalities: Open and Feminine.

All the information on our website, app, instagram and facebook of Frontón King.

This is Frontón King, this is bodyboarding!


First of all, apologize to the athletes and fans of the Gran Canaria Frontón King for not being a part of the APB tour in this edition. The reasons have been not to reach an agreement in the negotiations by both parties. Although there have been news of the reason for cancellation on their part, they have not been able to explain the real reason as much information is missing. After months of negotiation, FK could not access all of their requests, as many of them fulfilled administrative and sports irregularities that were not feasible on our part. In turn, they did not comply with the guidelines established by us.
We made it clear that at all times we fought for sports and athletes, so we asked the APB to at least SPECIAL EVENT not to harm some riders who have contacted us and want to compete. We think it would be good if they could participate and we hope that the APB will think about the athletes, it will not affect the tour in any way since it will be finished on that date. There are many who want to be in one of the most recognized international championships in the world, Gran Canaria Frontón King. Hopefully it is a positive response from APB for the good of the sport.
Soon more information about the event that is confirmed from October 20 to November 3.

The best comp in the world back, the bodyboard party returns in the most radical wave of the planet.

Gran Canaria Frontón King 2018 confirms the sixth edition of this international event. The waiting period will be from October 20 to November 3.
A show that continues to grow year after year and without doubt is the most anticipated event of this sport.

The best athletes both in the male and female modality will not miss this appointment in Gáldar, everyone wants to surf this wonder of nature specialy after the conditions of past editions in the wonderful island of Gran Canaria

There will be a new format of competition which we will inform.

We thank once again the unconditional support of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Tourist Board, Insular Institute of Sports and City Council of Gáldar.

Do not miss this incrediable event with the all-powerful Frontón!


South African Jared Houston proclaimed champion of the Gran Canaria Fronton King Pro 2017

The APB World Tour 2017 bodyboard circuit culminated today in the town of Gáldar, with the proclamation of Jared Houston as champion of the Gran Canaria Fronton King Pro 2017. The South African developed a magnificent surf during the final beating Frenchman Amaury Lavernhe and becoming the new king of El Fronton.

With excellent conditions to celebrate the final phase of the Grand Canarian test, 8 were the riders who would dispute the pass to the grand finale. Some 2,000 people filled the steps and slopes of the El Fronton wave, which from the early afternoon waited to witness the finals.


In the first quarter-final clash, Hawaiian Jacob Romero left out of competition and no options to world runner-up to Spanish Alex Uranga. Uranga was one of the favorites to reach number 2 in the world ranking.

The South African Jared Houston would be the next rider to get the pass to the semifinals, which would make it clear favorite to the world runner-up. The Brazilian Dudu Pedra would be eliminated getting so far the only 10 (maximum score) awarded by the judges yesterday in the round of 16.

The great quarter-final match would be the clash between Pierre Louis Costes, 2016 world champion and Diego Cabrera from Tenerife. During 25 minutes the confrontation between both was very disputed, but finally the sleeve would fall of part of the French that would be a serious candidate to gain the test galdense. Diego Cabrera was so far the only canary in competition and with options to the world subtitle. Intachable Cabrera’s performance throughout the APB World Tour 2017 circuit where he finished in the top 5. Amaury Lavernhe, the last “king” won without a problem against the Australian Ryan Hardy.


The 4 riders that would dispute the passage to the great final would be, Jacob Romero, Jared Houston, Pierre Louis Costes and Amaury Lavernhe.

The South African Jared Houston and Amaury Lavernhe fought in respective confrontations to Jacob Romero and Pierre Louis Costes. With this the great end of the Gran Canaria Frontón King already was served.


A final very fought by these two athletes great connoisseurs of the wave of the Fronton. Both were very selective when selecting their waves. And although scores were largely on the final sleeve, Amaury imposed his greatest number of hours surfing the dreaded beast, El Fronton. But it was finally Jared Houston with a wave of 8.67 that made a 360º turn and to impose itself in the great end of this last test of the world circuit APB World Tour 2017.











The Gran Canaria Frontón Pro 2017 resumed the competition to celebrate the round of 16 and thus begin the final phase. The organization along with the APB World Tour decided last Thursday to postpone the competition in anticipation of better weather conditions. With a size of waves that surpassed the 4 meters and with south wind they made that the Frontón returned to show its better version for these definitive rounds.
The rounds corresponding to the round of 16 would consist of a total of 24 competitors who looked for the step to the quarterfinals. Round number 3 would develop with hand-to-hand clashes, ie only 2 competitors in the water and 20 minutes total time. A maximum of 10 waves scoring only the 2 best, the favorites to be crowned “king” of the Gran Canaria Fronton King Pro 2017 began the quarterfinals. It is important to note that all the riders who choose to win the World Championship remain all in competition so that the fight and the excitement was guaranteed.
Jared Houston, Alex Uranga, Uri Valadao, Antonio Cardoso and Diego Cabrera kept all their options to the world runner-up. Each of them clearly surpassed all their heads-up clashes in round 3. However, in the round of round 4 of the last 16, the first of the favorites to fall was the Brazilian Uri Valadao who was outclassed by Jared Houston and the Basque Alex Uranga. In only 10 of the day went to Dudu Pedra, a huge tube and an ars earned the Brazilian to get a perfect wave. Pierre Louis Costes and Australia’s Ryan Hardy also outperformed their legs and moved to the quarter-finals. In the last round of the day the Tenerife Diego Cabrera managed to pass to quarters to continue fighting for the world runner-up. In this last sleeve Amaury Lavernhe would get the first place leaving out of the fight for the number 2 of the ranking to the Portuguese Antonio Cardoso.
The highest scores of the day were for the Hawaiian Jacob Romero with a score of 9.83, with a maneuver (air reverse) that raised of its seats to the attending public. Frenchman Pierre Louis Costes world champion APB 2016 got the second highest score of the day with a 9.60.

La organización de Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 201, continúa su campaña de divulgación de los valores y hábitos deportivos entre los más jóvenes a través del bodyboard. Cada año la organización de la prueba junto con el Instituto Insular de Deportes del Cabildo de Gran Canaria se marcan como objetivo acercar la modalidad del bodyboard a todos los niños del municipio galdense. A través de charlas que se llevan a cabo en centros de enseñanza de toda Gran Canaria, Epic Events, organizador de la prueba mundial Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro, busca promover este deporte tan practicado en nuestra isla. De esta manera los estudiantes de los distintos centros pueden conocer más de cerca las principales figuras del bodyboard.
En esta ocasión el Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro visitó IES Guanarteme situado en el municipio de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Jóvenes con edades comprendidas desde los 16 años y 17 años han compartido un momento de emociones con 3 de los mejores pilotos del Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2017.
El vigente campeón del circuito mundial APB World Tour 2017, Ian Campbell, fue invitado a la estrella en la visita de hoy. El sudafricano tiene una experiencia similar a la de deportista y los valores que el cuerpo puede transportar. También destacó que debemos luchar por nuestros sueños, porque esa es la mejor manera de crecer como atleta y como persona.
A esta charla coloquio también asistió el campeón mundial pro junior, Nelson Flores, y el campeón de España, Jonathan Vega. Ambos juntos Campbell quisieron hacer hincapié en disfrutar de todo lo que hacemos, y que nuestra dedicación siempre sea buenos resultados.
Los increíbles videos proyectados con imágenes especulares de la fachada de El Frontón dejanban boquiabiertos a todos los estudiantes que llenaban el salón de actos del centro capitalino. El coloquio entre los campeones mundiales donde cada uno de ellos fue sus vivencias sobre una tabla de bodyboard y las preguntas de los estudiantes fue del plato fuerte del acto. Los asistentes plantearon diversas cuestiones por qué el tiempo fue tan bueno como el tiempo pasado. Los jinetes contestaron a todas las curiosidades de los estudiantes en un ambiente distendido y muy divertido.
El acto concluyó con la foto de familia y la firma de autógrafos por parte de los competidores y todos los estudiantes y profesorado.