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Complete the following form with the data of the athlete who will participate in the event and remember to make the payment through Paypal. When you submit the form, the organization will receive an email with the data. Automatically redirect the page to the paypal payment page.

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Male: 250 US$ / 220€

Female: 220 US$ / 194€

Pro Junior: 150 US$ / 132€

DropKnee: 100 US$ / 89€


I declare I have been informed of the risks involved in this sport and I assume all responsibility,authorizing the organization of the Frontón King 2017 and releasing them from all responsibility incase on any accident caused by physical or psychological inability or by not respecting the normsand instructions of the championship.


(*) In case of not knowing my blood group, I compromise to find it out before the beginning of the event. In case of not doing so, I am responsible for any consequence of not giving this information to the organization of the Frontón King 2017.