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Gran Canaria

14-28 of October
This is Gran Canaria
Fronton King PRO

The Gran Canaria Fronton King Pro is the best bodyboarding competitions in the world. This annual proof is attended by the best international riders.

Fronton King Pro
APB World Tour

The Gran Canaria Fronton King Pro is one of the scoring events within the APB World Tour. The best riders in the world want to dominate the beast and become the king of Fronton.

Amazing place
Gran Canaria

Considered the best bodyboarding wave in the whole world. It is located in Galdar's coast, on the island of Gran Canaria, which is a paradise for active tourism.

The Beast
The Fronton

Being of the most powerful waves in the world with both  rights and lefthanders is a perfect combination that added to its maginificent reef shapeit delivers the best  bodyboarding wave of the planet. 
Its remarcable location under lava cliffs makes it an incredible  landscape where to watch the north Atlantic energy crashing to amazing coastline of Galdar. 
  • WAVE: Left & Right

  • LEVEL: Professional

  • TIDE: Half & High

  • TOWN: Gáldar

  • LOCATION: Gran Canaria

  • COUNTRY: Spain

The frontón wave

The most powerful and radical wave in Europe. Only the bravest attempt to dominate the beast.

The Gran Canaria Fronton King Pro

The best bodyboard event in the world

The Event Gran Canaria
Fronton King PRO

The Gran Canaria Fronton King Pro 2016 was not only consolidated as the last event of the World Tour, but was nominted with 4 stars and Grand Slam,  which made the world title decided in Canarian waters.
  • FACEBOOK: 15.797

  • INSTRAGRAM: 4691

  • WEB: 18131

  • VISUALIZATION: 1.272.134 min

  • YOUTUBE: 7.563 min

  • TOTAL: 236.402



More than 100 international athletes have battled in the wave of the Fronton, in Galdar. Among them the best professional riders on the world. The greatest legends of bodyboarding have participated in the Gran Canaria Fronton King PRO.



the internationalities of both the public and the participants in the past editions of the Gran Canaria Fronton Kin Pro. It has becomed the most important event and the greater media repercussion of the APB.



The Gran Canaria Fronton king Pro is holding its 5th edition, and the last three as part of APB World Tour. Without doubt this event leaves a mark among the fans of the bodyboard around the world.


New Projects

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