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First of all, apologize to the athletes and fans of the Gran Canaria Frontón King for not being a part of the APB tour in this edition. The reasons have been not to reach an agreement in the negotiations by both parties. Although there have been news of the reason for cancellation on their part, they have not been able to explain the real reason as much information is missing. After months of negotiation, FK could not access all of their requests, as many of them fulfilled administrative and sports irregularities that were not feasible on our part. In turn, they did not comply with the guidelines established by us.
We made it clear that at all times we fought for sports and athletes, so we asked the APB to at least SPECIAL EVENT not to harm some riders who have contacted us and want to compete. We think it would be good if they could participate and we hope that the APB will think about the athletes, it will not affect the tour in any way since it will be finished on that date. There are many who want to be in one of the most recognized international championships in the world, Gran Canaria Frontón King. Hopefully it is a positive response from APB for the good of the sport.
Soon more information about the event that is confirmed from October 20 to November 3.