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The Japanese Sari Ohhara has been crowned on the day today world champion in El Frontón, Gáldar, after obtaining the necessary points within the framework of the Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2019 to reach the title of the APB World Tour circuit. Ohhara came with first place in his hands to El Frontón, Gáldar, where he has become world champion for the first time and has received his trophy between applause and visibly excited.


The new female world champion, Sari Ohhara, who has taken the trophy after falling her rival in points, Ayaka Suzuki, in Galician waters, declared herself “very happy”, and assured that “I had never felt this way”, since “I have worked hard to get here” and this title is “a dream”. Ohhara confessed not yet believe it and be “very excited.”

In the quarterfinals, the world title to number two in the world rankings, the Japanese Ayaka Suzuki, escaped in a tight sleeve with the four-time world champion, the Brazilian Isabela Sousa. The Rio Rider surpassed the Asian, raising expectations in El Frontón and closing the semifinal classification. Also adjusted was the duel between the Chilean semifinalist Paloma Freyggang, who obtained his place by beating the Portuguese Joana Shenker with just half a point of difference.


The first of the surprises of the day came from the hand of Alexandra Rinder, who has managed to eliminate the world champion, Sari Ohhara, from the event. The resident in Gran Canaria and a great connoisseur of the Galician wave showed that veterancy is a degree on her way to the title of Queen of the Frontón. Rinder has played a great role in the quarterfinals, dominating an intractable wave that he fought with the best maneuvers, which gave him the pass to the semifinals with the highest score in the category, 12 points.

The current Queen of the Frontón King, Teresa Miranda, strengthened her way to the semifinals eliminating the veteran of the bodyboard, the Brazilian Neymara Carvalho, one of the riders with more national and world titles. Carvalho had no choice against a very strong Teresa Miranda, who in two waves managed to overcome her rival with perfect tubes.

Miranda said that, although he started the sleeve “nervous” found “a good tube after which I relaxed and went for a second wave very fast.” For the Queen of El Frontón 2018, the psychic descent of her rival Neymara Carvalho has helped her to establish herself in the classification, in which she entered with a maneuver in her second wave. He hopes “to reach the final and win”, in a duel in which he hopes to be accompanied by Alexandra Rinder again for “revenge” that would guarantee that “the title is in the hands of Canarian riders”.

  Rinder has also assured that he expects to face the local Teresa Miranda in the final, because he is a great rival. This championship “is very important to me,” he said, and “I am very happy to be in the semifinals.” As he said, “I feel strong and want to take the title home.”


After two days of rest waiting for the optimal conditions for the competition, the Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2019 has been reactivated in the best way, with a frantic day and full of emotion with the quarterfinals of the women’s category and the round number two of trials, a previous phase in which 64 riders fight for one of the eight seats available in the main event.

In this previous phase the local competitors have taken the lead, comfortable and confident in this powerful wave of Gáldar with maneuvers that have dominated their rivals on the Galician coast. The show was installed in the manga starring the great performance of the local Lionel Medina, which with a score of 12.17 risked from the first wave leaving the attendees open-mouthed with their flights on the ridges, perfect tubes and air infarction.

The former champion of Spain, Ramón Pérez also stood out in the wave of El Frontón in the second of the rounds of the day today, which he faced with Noah Freider in a very competitive manga between them. The local Kevin Orihuela, who not only competes in the world circuit but also in the European circuit, has shown that he arrives in his best form at the Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2019, with a score of 11.67 and the best performance of his manga. In the same way, the show has been planted by the Canary Alejandro Barbosa, a regular at the wave of El Frontón, who has demonstrated his mastery of this Grancanarian enclave with a score of 12.5. Barbosa, who is not afraid of the power and size of this wave, has taken advantage of his knowledge of the area to make a great performance, like his manga rival Guillermo Cobo, which has been launched twice today and has exceeded its performance in both manga with imposing maneuvers.


Screams and applause broke in the stands with the skill of Javier Domínguez, who in manga number two of the third round has closed not only the best score of the round with a 13.5 but has also starred in the best maneuver of the day, an airborne heart attack that has put up bodyboard lovers who enjoyed the sports show. Davis Blackwell, Yon Aimar, Mark Crilley, Robin Lgeors, David Alemida Miguel Rodriguez, Yvon Martínez, among others, have also stood out as leaders in their duels. Armide Soliveres, 2018 junior champion, fell in the third round, who has not had the luck on his side today, with no options to reach his place in the Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2019.

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The Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2019 opens the competition in Gáldar with its

previous phase, in magnificent conditions and full full in its stands

The Wave of the Fronton has received today the riders of the Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2019 who have launched themselves to the most powerful wave in the world in their climb to obtain one of the eight seats for the final phase of the international event, last test of the circuit APB World Tour 2019. With an absolute full in the stands and an environment where the applause dominated, the coast of Gáldar became today the headquarters of the best world bodyboard, with 16 sleeves and 64 riders.

The locals played with the trick of the veteran in the prestigious Galician wave to face the riders from all corners of the world, with aerial, tubes, rolls and infarction maneuvers that made this popular enclave for sports in Gran Canaria vibrate. Risking from the first wave, there was no place for failure in the competition, in which the canary Jonathan Vega, runner-up of the Frontón King 2018, who settled on his way to the podium with a 15.07 as the highest score of the day . He managed to put a spectacular aerial of Txomin Lópezque on his feet, giving him a score of 8.5 in the best maneuver of the day, a flight over the crest of the Frontón wave, which closed the score of the Basque with a 14, 33 total.

Kevin Orihuela, Javier Romero and Samuel Brito were launched with the first manga of the day against Irishman Seamus McGoldrick, in 25 minutes who summoned bodyboard lovers to shout and applaud competitors, and in which Samuel Brito stood out with a spectacular 11.6 to kick off the event.

Veterans and connoisseurs of the wave of Gáldar gathered at the start of the event par excellence for bodyboarders in the world, with the Basque Alex Uranga, a classic of this sport marking the passage of his sleeve with a final score of 11.43 . The Hawaiian Jeff Hubbard exploded in applause to those gathered around the competition, with a 13.33 and spectacular airs that left those present speechless. The South African Hankus Loubsterdominaba in his sleeve with a score of 12.33 wearing white lycra, with maneuvers that brought him a little closer to the final phase of the event.

The performance of the Brazilian Gabriel Braga also made the difference, who managed to unseat Alejandro Barbosa in his 25 minutes in scoring, placing himself in first place. Arrived from Easter Island, the Chilean Cristóbal Fernándezlideró his sleeve, adding to the list of candidates to obtain a place in the final. With a 14.1 score, Colombian Julián González, who placed himself above his local and international rivals in a hotly contested race with Canarian Oliver Herrera, was a little closer to the final phase.

One of the last sleeves of the day was closed with the leadership of Hawaiian Jacob Romero, with a score of 13.33, followed by Canary Ernesto Evana, who was not able to reach his rival in points in a manga that opted for Romero . The last to face the wave of the Fronton were

the Chilean Mathías Días, the Brazilian Leandro Chagas and the canaries Eduardo Rodríguez and Lionel Medina, with a very disputed first-day closing that was decided for the Chilean.

The national and international competitors failed to shade the locals in a good part of the sleeves, with the canary Igor Sánchez, who did not disappoint in his appointment with the prestigious Galician wave, with a 14.66 score, of the highest in the Day at the Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2019. A Rubén Redondo delivered to the wave that has been training him for years starred in a duel against the young Javier Domínguez, who raised the expectations of an exciting manga that took the quarry leader, Javier Domínguez, with 12.5 score.

Also young in this discipline, the maneuvers of the Canary Armide Soliveres congregated the lovers of the waves in the Frontón, with a great performance of the islander, junior champion 2018, who knew how to defend his sleeve despite the fact that the wave did not give him too many possibilities. Representing the colors of the islands, rider Néstor Pérez won a sleeve against rivals from Chile and France, with a score of 11.5 for the islander who placed him first in his run. The most anticipated manga of the day was starred in a battle between the Canaries, with great leaders of the bodyboard fighting for its place in the final phase. Carlos Sanz, Dailos Rodríguez, Miguel Rodríguez and Guillermo Cobo saw each other’s faces in a tight contact in which every minute was a challenge for the competitors, with a bleacher that vibrated every wave that the riders faced and that bowed to Sanz’s mastery.
After a frantic day and intense bodyboard show in Gáldar, the Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2019 returns tomorrow from 10 in the morning with more previous phases, in which they will return to the sea in the second round more than fifty rider. The sum of both phases will decide the average that will give the pass to eight of the 64 participants to the final phase.


The first day of competition in the previous phase of the Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2019 has been much more than waves in Gáldar, since it has come from the hand of a large festival with dozens of activities on Avenida del Agujero in Gáldar. Leisure and entertainment for the whole family, clothing and accessories brands, martial arts exhibitions, crossfit, Canarian wrestling, children’s workshops and a great Skate Championship, prelude to the concerts of Yet Garbey, Last Key, Mel Ömana and the star of Got Talent, Cristina Ramos.

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The most fun and diverse Festival returns to the coast of Gáldar in Gran Canaria.
In addition to seeing the best World Bodyboard, they can also participate completely free in all clinics and activities, and of course, enjoy the best concerts.
Highlight the performance of Cristina Ramos, winner of Got Talent Spain.
We will also have a Skate Championship, a Pool Party, Beach Cleaning and many more activities for all audiences.
Do not miss it and come to have fun, it will be on October 12 from 9:00 am to 2:30 am in El Agujero de Gáldar.

Do not miss it and come to have fun, it will be on October 12 from 9:00 am to 2:30 am in El Agujero de Gáldar.


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Registration for the best bodyboard event in the world, Gran Canaria Fronton King, has been opened. As of October 12, the world elite of the bodyboard meet to compete in what is considered the best wave of the planet for bodyboarding, all in a unique environment on the shores of the municipality of Gáldar and in infrastructures that give priority to safety and the comfort in the exclusive areas for competitors, coaches and not forgetting that wonderful audience that comes every day to see it live.
Do not miss the opportunity to make history and be part of the great poster of athletes that each year demonstrates its level with the best of this wonderful sport.
Good luck to everyone!
You can register at


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poster horizontal

We present you the official poster of the most anticipated bodyboard event of the year.

On this occasion it is starring the local athlete Jonathan Vega, who obtained the second position in the 2018. Edition

From Fronton King we want to thank the support of all the sponsors and collaborators that one more year make this great event possible in Gran Canaria.

This year fronton king is again proof of the world circuit apb tour in the open and feminine categories. This will focus on Gran Canaria the elite of this sport crowning the champion and world Champion 2019.

Remember, you have an appointment with the best world bodyboard from 12 to 26 October in gáldar, Gran Canaria.


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Suzuki, Costes, Rinder, Houston, Quevedo y Hubbard, big names of the sports at Gran Canaria Frontón

King Pro 2019, visiting Omayra Sánchez high school in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The strength of the El Frontón wave has reached the classrooms today, thanks to the visit of some of the world’s leading bodyboard figures of the moment. The students of 3rd and 4th of the E.S.O. from the Omayra Sánchez Compulsory School of Education, in Marzagán, they have had the privilege of personally meeting riders of the likes of Hawaiian Jeff Hubbard, three times world champion, Ayaka Suzuki and Jared Houston, current world champions in women’s and men’s categories respectively , the Frenchman Pierre Louis Costes, who currently plays the title in the Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2019, the German based in the islands and world champion Alexandra Rinder, and the outstanding Canarian rider Sergio Quevedo.

The organization of the Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2019, the last test of the World Bodyboard Championship, together with the Insular Sports Institute of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria work every year to bring the bodyboard to the schools and institutes of Gran Canaria. On this occasion, a large representation of the first figures of the world circuit has visited the C.E.O. Omayra Sánchez, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, surprising students between 14 and 15 years old, who have not stopped photographing themselves with their idols and asking them for autographs.

The boys have been able to enjoy some of the best images that the Frontón King has left in previous editions, with which they have learned what a competition is like and what the famous Frontón wave is like. Then, each of the athletes has told in first person his experience in the world of bodyboarding, how is his life, why he likes to compete or what reasons have led him to choose this sport. And the students have had the possibility of asking them all kinds of questions afterwards. Most of them wanted to know what has been the biggest wave they have surfed, if they have had any major injuries competing, or how they would advise them when they started in the world of bodyboarding. All of them have answered without losing their smile and very grateful for the warm welcome. In the same way, the organization of the Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2019 and the Insular Sports Institute of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria has thanked the management of the center for giving them the possibility to continue carrying the benefits of a discipline such as bodyboarding to the youngest, transmitting the value of healthy competitiveness and outdoor sports and teaching them to value the fact of having a world-renowned wave in their own land, the wave of El Frontón.